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Train Hard. Sweat Hard.

What is StrikeFit®?

StrikeFit® is the workout your kickboxing instructor wishes she could teach. We take the strikes, blocks, and movements of Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense and integrate them into a 1-hour, insane-intensity, heavy bag class. Yes, you'll hit the bag. But you’ll also do burpees. And swing kettle bells. And use your own body weight to change your body.


You will push your body because growth is in discomfort. And damn are we going to help you grow.

StrikeFit is the featured fitness program used in fitness facilities across the United States and in multiple countries in the European Union. That's because it's fun, it's functional, and it works.

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100% Results Guaranteed

See what Certified Instructors say about the program and how you can become a StrikeFit Instructor yourself. Become an affiliate today!

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Online Certifications

We offer an Online Training Program for those of you unable to travel to one of our Live Certifications.

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Live Certifications

StrikeFit offers instructor certifications around the United States and internationally. 

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