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  • What Is StrikeFit?
    StrikeFit® is kickboxing combined with high intensity, functional fitness. We teach real world striking and fight combinations in a fast-paced, fitness oriented environment, then pull our athletes off the heavy bag and get them using kettle bells, dumbbells, bodyweight, and more.
  • Why Should I Become A StrikeFit Instructor?
    StrikeFit draws a crowd. The programming is suitable for adults of all shapes and sizes, and works well for teens. It is like Muay Thai without needing an expert pad holder. It's like CrossFit with a punch and without the 'tude. In a world where fitness seems to be all chalk and barbells or pretty girls cycling, StrikeFit brings you grit with a grin.
  • How Much Does The Certification Cost?
    The In Person Course is a 2 Day Certification and costs $500. The Online course is a go-at-your-own-pace courses that costs $598 ($399 for the online course and $199 for the live, online test).
  • Can I Use The StrikeFit Name And Logo?
    Yes, as long as you are a StrikeFit Instructor in good standing, you will have a license to use the trademarked StrikeFit name and logo while advertising a StrikeFit program.
  • Are There Any Obligations After The Certification?
    Yes. We ask each Instructor to recertify each year. The recertification can be done online and costs $99. We do this simply to maintain quality. We respect StrikeFit, and we want you to share in that respect.
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